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About Us

About Wintarijaya Group Sdn Bhd

Wintarijaya Sdn Bhd is a reputable property development firm situated in Melaka, Malaysia, that was created in May 2004. This business has a CIDB Grade 7, SPKK Grade 7, and a SCORE of 3 stars.As one of the trusted companies, we have a management system that has been recognized by ISO 9001: 2008. Wintarijaya Sdn Bhd has collaborated on a number of projects with the government and private landowners. The company has been successful and participated in various fields of construction such as infrastructure projects, factories and housing throughout.

Our board of directors agreed to merge all of our businesses, hence Wintarijaya Group Sdn Bhd was formed. Wintarijaya Group Sdn Bhd was first incorporated on April 2021. Our company focused on delivery high quality and affordable projects in Malaysia.

Wintarijaya Group Sdn Bhd is a competent and knowledgeable engineering and construction company. Professional technical expertise and a broad range of experience are two of our primary assets. We collaborate efficiently with developers, landowners, government agencies, and financial partners from both the public and private sectors. As a forward-thinking firm, we are dedicated to providing the finest service possible to all of our clients. We provide great customer service to our homeowners from the moment of purchase through the point of sale and beyond.

Wintarijaya Group Sdn Bhd recognises and values the value of collaboration. As a result, we provide our employees excellent working circumstances, as well as a remuneration structure based on internal equity and performance. Meanwhile, we want our employees to be well-versed in a variety of skills.

Wintarijaya Group Sdn Bhd appreciates and strongly believe in the power of teamwork. So we provide our staff a very good working conditions with a compensation package, and based on internal equity and performance. Meanwhile, we also require our staff possess excellent personal qualities such as team spirit, professional knowledge, and excellent service awareness.

Our company mission is always be a responsible developer, we guarantee our quality of products and services.

Our company vision is to develop and build affordable houses, assisting our Malaysian citizens of owning good quality houses at affordable prices.
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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Wintarijaya Group Sdn Bhd

Caring Caring


We focus on understanding the real needs of those around us.

Integrity Integrity


We promise to deliver quality in all that we do.

Professional Professional


We adhere to the highest standards to bring the best to our customers.

Teamwork Teamwork


We value our employees as they are the key to our success.

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